Payment terms

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The nearest exit of the magazine “belongs among others institutions-journal”
If You want to be published in the next issue, do not delay sending the application.
Take a moment, fill in and send the application form to the office.

Cost of participation:
The cost of electronic publishing is (the author receives only electronic collection) 15Euro/ 18 USD/ 400 hryvnia/ 1200 rubles/ 40 PLN

The cost of printed publications is (the author receives electronic and hard copy of the book) 24 Euro/ 30 USD/ UAH 600/ 1850 rubles/ 100 PLN

The cost of additional printed copies of the journal is € 14/ $ 15 / 415 UAH / 1200 rubles

This amount includes:

  • the placement of the article in the magazine “belongs among others institutions-journal”;
  • the choice of the author, publication to receive a printed magazine or electronic version of the journal;
  • checking and proofreading of work by the employees of the editorial Board (peer review);
  • The location of the output log and articles on the website;
  • Distribution in large digital libraries, citation indexes.
  • Delivery of the printing of the diploma, when ordering delivery of the magazine for free.
    Certificate of publication – for free.
  • Accommodation in RISC – free.
  • On the website the collection free of charge.
  • The fee for co-author free of charge.


The publication type

Additional magazine

Payment: UAH.