About us

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Сolloquium-journal founded in 2017 as a public scientific organization. The founders are scientists of the countries of Europe, Asia, North America. The main mission of the journal is strengthening the cooperation between international and regional scientific institutions, public organizations and universities. In recent years, retention and the development of scientific thought, increased dialogue between the intellectual potential of different countries – the main objective of our colleagues and the organization as a whole.

Online ISSN 2520-2480

Print ISSN 2520-6990

Tasks of the international scientific journal Сolloquium-journal are:

  • expansion of international contacts in the field of scientific cooperation.
  • publishing of scientific articles in international journal with distribution of the magazine around the world;
  • the magazine serves as a channel for the exchange of scientific information and provides a chance for young scientists to present the results of their work to the European scientific community.

Colloquium(lat. belongs among others institutions – the conversation, the conversation) is a complete scientific meetings where first heard a pre-prepared reports, and then experiencing the difficult process of discussion. It is not excluded, and the controversy, based on scientific knowledge of the discussion participants, as interviews were conducted to clarify some details of the report to others and controversial moments. At the scientific colloquia of the conversation involved is not the curator and his students, and prominent philosophers and theorists, whose opinion will allow the Rapporteur to revise their own scientific beliefs based on new ideas and academic debate.

The journal is published monthly, 12 times a year

Log format – A4, color printing

All articles are peer-reviewed

Each author will receive 1 printed copy of the magazine for free

Free access to the electronic version of the magazine

All articles are indexed in scientometric databases and indexes free of charge.

The journal presents the following topics:

  • Architecture
  • Art history
  • Physics and mathematics
  • Biological Sciences
  • National security
  • Physical education and sport
  • Veterinary science
  • Pedagogical science
  • Philological Sciences
  • Military science
  • Psychological science
  • Philosophy
  • Geographical science
  • Agricultural science
  • Chemical science
  • Public administration
  • Social communication
  • Economic science
  • Historical science
  • Social science
  • Legal science
  • Cultural studies
  • Engineering science